My Story

Thank you for investing your time to learn a little more about me and Motor City HDJ. It's tough to sum up who I am because there are so many reasons why I do this for you. I love music. I love Detroit. I love fun.

I have to take a quick moment to say that all of this...every wedding, grad party, anniversary party, prom, dance...is all because I love my family. I've got a wonderful wife whom I love and a daughter that brings me joy in every moment of my life. They are the reason that Motor City HDJ exists.
As far as my story, since I can remember, I have always had a passion for music. If there's something to be done with music, I LOVE IT! And I've been a button-pusher my whole life. In fact, my grandfather used to tease me because as a boy I loved pushing every button in sight. Put those things together and you have yourself a DJ!
I also have this faith that one day Detroit will go back to being a thriving metropolis where people can enjoy a city that's safe and enriching. I've played hundreds of events in and around Metro-Detroit and I just love our city. I was born and raised in Michigan and I wouldn't trade it for the world (okay...some days, yeah.)​

Most of all, I love a good show. I've learned as a DJ that people have fun when you have fun. If you don't love what you do, it shows, and people pick up on that. I love every minute of what I do and I strive for perfection in every event I play. My only goal is to show you and your guests the BEST time of your life for the little time we get to spend together.

Invite me and Motor City HDJ along for the ride and I PROMISE you won't be disappointed. And thanks for reading this.

Brett Cummins, DJ & Owner

I'm proud to have played for THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE at HUNDREDS OF VENUES all over Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

The map to the right to is a comprehensive listing of the places I've had the pleasure of partying over the last 15 years.

I've marked a few of my favorites with stars. These are venues that match my expectation of quality in service, convenience, and staff. They're the places I'm always happy to reccomend to my clients.

And I'm always ready to discover new places. If it's on the globe, I'll be there.

Take a look at the map! Your venue's probably already here!
  1. LED dance floor lighting
    LED dance floor lighting
    Along with sound is a 10-foot lighting truss system with a 10 or 12 fixture intelligent light array. Driven by Chauvet's ShowXpress software, your dance floor will have all the energy with a computer-driven light show.
  2. LED uplighting
    LED uplighting
    10 LED fixtures are placed strategically around your event space to provide added ambience. Dial in any color you want, and once the dancing starts, your uplighting will be part of the show!
  3. Custom monogram
    Custom monogram
    Ever wanted to see your name in lights? Now you can! Choose from hundreds of designs and add a little touch of elegance to your event space. This 3-watt LED fixture can take the elegance of your event to the next level.
  4. Digital sound system
    Digital sound system
    At the center of every event is the 1,000-watt digital sound system. Rated for up to 275 people, this setup is sure to keep the room bumping and the dance floor full.
  5. Wedding ceremony sound
    Wedding ceremony sound
    For clients looking to exchange vows outside the traditional venue, a small ceremony setup is available. This 300-watt system with lapel microphone for your officiant and iPod for your music is all you need to say, "I do."

Friends of Motor City HDJ

Over the last 15 years, I've had the pleasure of meeting vendors like me along the way.

This list has been curated from my constant evaluation and review of the people I work alongside most
and with whome I have the utmost respect when I work with them. I trust these people and hope you will, too.




Metro-Detroit, Chicago

Metro-Detroit, MI

Warren, MI

Metro-Detroit, MI

Ann Arbor, MI
Detroit, MI
Ann Arbor, MI

Milford, MI

Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI

Westland, MI




New Hudson, MI

Troy, MI
Media Samples
How about a mix so you can hear my style?  Maybe you're in to podcasts and you'd like to hear me ramble for 30 minutes.  What about a little teaser video to get you interested? Well, it's all right here. Enjoy these little samples to whet your appetite!